Friday, 21 June 2013

What You Always Wanted To Know About Shopping Jewelry Supply Gem Stones

When shopping jewelry supply gem stones this is what you need to know:

Gemstones are the naturally occurring crystalline form of minerals. They are desirable for their beauty, their value, their rarity and because they durable enough to be enjoyed for generations. In order for a stone to be considered a gem, it has to be beautiful both in color and in the way it reflect the light.

History of Jewelry: precious gems have been found in graves as old as 20,000 years. These ancient burial sites demonstrate that they were used for adornment and to make weapons.

Folklore and legends about precious rocks have been handed down throughout the centuries, and their beauty has been revered for thousands of years.

The power of gemstones: their history, healing properties and their lore are full of mystery. They have long been thought to have medicinal properties. Chinese, Asian and the ancient Ayurvedic ('knowledge of life') medicine still involves them in their therapies of healing.

The connection between gems and birthdays is both ancient and modern, with legends dating to Biblical times and contemporary traditions begun in the early 1900s and continue until today.
This historical information will help you market the pieces you make after shopping jewelry supply gem stones.

Healing Powers: Stones have been valued for their medicinal properties for thousands of years, and are used as an alternative method of therapy that has earned a prestigious place among the rest of the healing arts.

Each rock has a long list of healing abilities, and some of these powers depend on their color rays. That is the reason that color is so important. Because every color emits a specific ray - and different beneficial effects. their color releases its powers. There are also different meanings of stones for each one.

Formations : Minerals are formed within the earth as a result of certain physical and chemical conditions. Heat and pressure are the main conditions in their formation. Many treasures are brought to the surface by volcanic activities and others are found in rocks and gravels.

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Amber is fossilized tree resin which is used for the manufacture of ornamental objects and jewelry. Although not mineralized it is often classified as gemstone because it’s beauty color and rarity. These treasures are some of the oldest in history. In the Baltics they have been readily traded for goods and luxuries.

Bloodstone is a green stone with red spots. It also occurs in shades of dark green with red, brown and multicolored spots. The iron minerals cause the deep red and brown colors.

In the Middle Ages, bloodstone was attributed special powers as the spots were thought to be the blood of Jesus Christ. It was used in sculptures representing flagellation and martyrdom.

Citrine is a variety of quartz whose color ranges from a pale yellow to brown. It is nearly impossible to tell cut citrine from yellow topaz visibly.

Most citrines on the market have been heat treated. Specimens of low grade, inexpensive amethyst or Smokey quartz are often exposed at high temperatures to produce the more profitable orange yellow citrine.

Citrines whose colors have been produced by artificial means tend to have much more of an orange or reddish caste than those found in nature, which are usually a pale yellow.

Buyer beware! There are some unscrupulous dealers and they try to sell treated citrine as the more expensive Topaz. It is important to heck your sources when shopping jewelry supply gem stones